Facility Operations

Materials and equipment are greatly needed to serve our veterans. Please contact us with any assistance you care to offer or make a donation now.

As of August, 2016, this is a short list of supplies that we desperately need and how they will be used:

  • Comfort Farms requires funding for a tractor.
    • All agricultural work to this point has been done by hand and the tractor will allow us to efficiently till and harrow fields, auger new holes for fence posts and haul compost and wood shavings.
  • Tractor supplies including:
    • Rotary cutter
    • Rotary tiller
    • Bucket grapple
    • Auger/Post-hole digger
  • For the Veterans Transitional House we need supplies to repair the entryway and add an access ramp for mobility devices like wheelchairs and roll-a-longs.
  • The Veterans Transitional House also requires:
    • Comfortable reading chairs
    • Kitchen utensils, dishes, and cookware
    • Cleaning supplies including a vacuum cleaner
    • Sheets and comforters (2 twin sets and 1 queen-size set)
    • Curtains
  • Farm well and pump house to help supply the livestock with water, for irrigation and to help reduce utility costs.
  • We require lumber for
    • Improved fencing
    • Pole barn
    • Outbuildings
    • General repairs
  • Dry sheds to store animal feed and equipment for the farm and to protect these supplies from the rain and pests.
  • Fly predators to organically control disease carrying flies without chemicals that endanger humans and livestock.