Program Outline






We Seek to provide an enduring solution to solve our homeless and emotionally distressed Veterans issue by

Creating a network of campuses that will provide acute care and training services for homeless vets and vets in need that will focus on reintegration, rehabilitation, and structure through a holistic approach

  • Using organic farming and associated skills as a means to teach vets to adopt a new set of skills, enabling them to rekindle the desire to succeed and be part of a community focused on achieving something great again
  • Reigniting the discipline and sense of pride they developed when they first served
  • Branding and marketing quality products and services under the STAG VETS, Inc concept to become sustainable
  • Creating an environment for vets suffering from PTSD and TBI that aids in their healing process

STAG VETS was created by two veterans plagued with PTSD and TBI who, with the help of a very special support system, found a different way to manage their disabilities. STAG VETS wants Veterans of all wars to have this healing opportunity and provide them with practical skills to reinvent and reintegrate. It is an agriculturally-based program where veterans heal mind, body and spirit; working through several phases of rehabilitation and reintegration, intended to mirror the military structure in which these veterans thrived. Next, they learn skills in farming, culinary arts, and creating artisanal products, which they will sell to the local community. The organization provides residence and opportunities for case management, mental health, spiritual health and physical activity, social reintegration, and job skills growth.

Ultimately, STAG VETS serves homeless veterans and veterans with PTSD and other invisible injuries, and the community, through growing, processing and selling quality food and products. The rehabilitated veterans will find a new sense of purpose in society and the same sense of pride that they had in the military. The community will have greater access to local, healthy food options; communities will be revitalized with new business, land will be re-nourished through sustainable farming practices. We believe that our veterans are not broken, together we can tackle some of the largest issues our country is facing, an enduring solution for America.