The Butcher Shop

Charcuterie is the art of curing and preserving meat. At our facility the vets that come through our Butchering Program will not only learn how to cut the best parts of meat and age it properly, they will learn the fine art of charcuterie and create the finest of artisan preserved and cured meats. Our butchers will specialize in making prosciutto, salami, hams, pepperoni, and pancatta to name a few.

*Check Back for our Progress*

Fire Pit Memorial

Build-out of the fire pit memorial in honor of Ranger Kyle A Comfort has begun. Located in the main garden area at Comfort Farms, the memorial will be a place for fire-pit therapy so our veterans have a safe place to decompress and press the reset button. Once the fire pit memorial an
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2nd Class Announced for the STAG Vets-Seeds of Prosperity-Farming as a Business workshops

Please come join us for the 2nd Class in the STAG Vets-Seeds of Prosperity-Farming as a Business workshops series featuring informative topics for Veteran farmers, current farmers and new farmers. The workshop will cover: FSA Programs Farm Program Loans Farm Storage Loans Crop Insuran
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Veterans Return Home, Find Comfort On The Farm

For many veterans returning from war, it can be difficult to adjust to civilian life. A new documentary showing at the Macon Film Festival tells the story of one veteran who’s suffered emotionally and physically from war, only to return home as a farmer where he’s trying to find peace
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Seeds of Prosperity Educational Event Announced

STAG VETS- “Seeds of Prosperity-Farming as a Business” is a three city workshop program sponsored by a grant from the USDA-Farm Services Agency (FSA). There will be 3 workshops in 3 cities (Albany, Ft Valley and Columbus). Sign up for a workshop near you. There are a limited number of
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New Program Strives to Heal Wounded Warriors Through Farming

Lynne Hayes, Growing America Tuesday, January 12th, 2016 “The reality is, over time those folks won’t be able to continue farming, and the question for all of us is, if they don’t, who will?” That was the question posed by Agriculture Secretary, Tom Villsack, i
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Conscious Capitalism

Author: Niel Chase Intro Veterans’ issues are constantly in the media, ranging from the hospitals, to suicides (22 a day) and the astronomically large homeless veteran population. There are several organizations throughout the country that are trying to decrease the issues but none ca
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We found our Master Chef

We found our Master Chef and will be researching best practices for creating a healthy meal program that will enhance our current education programs.
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Chef Search

*Amazing Opportunity* Strength To Achieve Greatness Inc (STAG VETS) is looking for a chef who would like to assist in the development of a Transformational sustainable culinary arts program for Homeless Veterans. Email all inquiries to
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