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American Sniper (The war at home)

Many people have watched the Movie American Sniper and are not pleased with the portrayal of Chris Kyle as being conflicted. What they don’t understand is that Clint East Wood and Bradley Cooper did not set out to just make another action film about another bad ass war hero, they created a film that showed the true essence of the war and battles fought at home that go unseen for many warriors.

To take a character like Chris Kyle, a seasoned warrior proficient in his skill and highlight the delicate relationship with his wife that was at a breaking point, was the most responsible thing Clint Eastwood and actor Bradley Cooper could have done. People look at warriors as brave men and women who go into battle and assume we do this because we have no fear. What they don’t understand is that we do this because, if we don’t, who will?

We have a sense of duty, a calling to serve for the greater good. That calling is so deeply entrenched in those of us who have volunteered for service that it can not be explained. We feel like “we” have to do something. Chris Kyle represents more than a sniper and more than Seal Team 3. He represents every red bloodied American that bleeds duty, honor, and country. If you have watched this movie you will know that Clint Eastwood and Bradley did everything humanely possible to show the true meaning of war and they portrayed this by showing the conflict Chris had to deal with on a regular bases.

The sad truth is, as Americans we are quick to send our boys to war to destroy the enemy under every rock and search for them down every spider hole; but we have failed them by not making sure they return home safe to battle the demons they face constantly. It has been said that 22 serviceman kill themselves everyday. Think about that; 22 a day! When this study was done it was recorded over a years time in 2013. The minimum number is 8,000 who killed themselves in 2013 alone. Thats more than those who have been killed in actual combat of both wars. That number doesn’t represent the total number of soldiers and veterans combined who have killed themselves from the beginning of the war till now.

Don’t be fooled by  funny math equations. We are guessing that the real number is something closer to 100,000 servicemen and veterans who have killed themselves since this war started. Its been said.. For every enemy combatant that has been killed, there are 25 veterans who have killed themselves. Veterans are struggling with the fall out of war long after they have left the battlefield. Are they included in those numbers?  A 96 year old WWII Veteran who killed himself on the Lawns of the National Cemetery will possibly not be counted in those numbers of Veterans struggling with PTSD. The true number of all veterans who have committed suicide is probably so extreme that the only way to talk about it, is to use the magic phrase 22 a day. 22 a day is so much easier to digest than what the reality is on the ground. Why is that? That is the question that Strength To Achieve Greatness Inc (STAG VETS) is seeking to answer. The public has a right to know. Veterans and their families have a right to know. We suspect the reason why suicide is so  high among veterans is because the issues are not being addressed.

If you took your car into the same mechanic and it kept on having problems, what would you do? Would you continue to take his word for it, that there is nothing else that can be done or do you fire his butt and find another mechanic? Why are we entrusting the same people who failed at developing successful programs to take care of Veteran Suicide to implement their same ideas. People are collecting paychecks and veterans are still dying everyday. 22 is the number of veterans who are successful. What about the others who were not successful and survived the attempt and possibly the hundreds and thousands who are thinking about it this very second?

We must do a better job at supporting veterans and implement programs designed to heal and assist veterans adapt to their new way of life. We ask that if you want to see true transformational Change Please Donate to our Organization to help us further our work. Our motto “Creating Our Own Change” stands for something. It means we are not going to wait for anybody to tell us what we need. We are going to explore, research and implement systems that are effective and systems that work for all veterans, regardless of what war they served. We owe it to our veterans.

Thank you Clint Eastwood and Bradley Cooper for doing America Real Justice by shedding light on the truth. Chris Kyle was a True Hero he represents all of us who served and the silent struggles we all endure.


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